Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Stash Quilt

My quilt group has a challenge to make a quilt from what you have in your stash.  You may only use what is in your stash on January 1st to complete this quilt top.  You are able to purchase fabric for the backing if you need to.  For the last few years we have 'revealed' our quilts at our fall retreat.  I do believe that I could probably make several complete tops out of my stash!  Anyway, I saw a picture of this quilt on the web somewhere and figured I could make it from my 2 1/2" strips.  As I was sewing strips and checkerboards together, I realized I could probably make two quilts so I proceeded to cut some more strips and make some more blocks.  For this first one that I completed, I did purchase the backing as I want to give it to someone close to me and wanted the backing to be 'nice'.  For the second one, which is at my quilter's I did piece the back from some yardage that I had on hand.

For those of you in my quilt group, this won't be a surprise when we reveal them in November, but I am anxious to document it's completion and move on to something new!  So thanks to my husband who woke up from watching TV tonight to hold it for a picture:

Here are a couple of other views just cause I thought I'd try to be a quilt stylist:

LOL.  It's just that a quilt looks so much better on a bed than being held up straight by a tired husband.

I hope you like it and TTs - act surprised and ooh and ahh when you see it in person.


Sue said...

Beautiful quilt! Isn't it nice to have a stash to put something like this together? Very beautiful!

Amber said...

Oh that is pretty! Doesn't it feel good to use up scraps!?! I love your two Schnibbles quilts in the post below too. They're beautiful!

Congrats again on winning my Twisted pattern! I will mail that off today!

Happy quilting!
Amber Johnson
Gigi's Thimble

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Just gorgeous!

And I will act totally surprised when I see it.

Melanie said...

I love it! When you commit to use your stash fabrics-- it's like finding old friends in the cabinet. I always feel like it's a 'free' quilt too for some reason. Share one-- keep one for yourself--- remember you can never have too many 'friends'.....*s*