Monday, October 8, 2012

Back to Business

Well, now that my computer is back home where it belongs,  I hope to be posting regularly again.  I did get some things finished up:

I finished the Temecula Quilt Co. free block project they did this summer.  I did change it up because they had 8 blocks in a different layout and I made one more.  I added corners to the blocks and two borders.  It was fun making the tiny blocks each month - each of the centers were different.  My sister in law, Melissa loved it so it went home with her.

I got two Schnibbles quilted and bound.  This one is Plan C,

and this one is Hot Cross:

I am up to 5 - a far cry from doing all 12 from the Schnibbles Times Two book this year!  But I will push on!  I now have to figure out what one I am doing next.  I plan to have it cut out and work on it at the November retreat.  Mary gave me the charms and some yardage for my birthday so I am excited to cut into it.

Urban Cowgirl, doesn't that sound fun!  That's what I love about Schnibbles, I can use different fabrics that I normally wouldn't make a full size quilt out of,  I am going to do either Little Red or Spin City with these fabrics.  

And last but not least, I won another giveaway!  It must have been my lucky month.  If you don't already follow Kristyne, you had better high tail it over there and check her out.  She does the most beautiful piecing and machine quilting, she just started her own shop with her patterns and just published her own book.  She has tutorials and free patterns. Her embroidery is exquisite.  She has been blogging for less than two years and is from Canada.  Her sense of humor is awesome too!  She had a giveaway for this book

and I won!  Thanks so much Kristyne!  When you have time, head on over to her blog and go back and read her archives, you will be wonderfully impressed and inspired.  

I have two quilts at my quilter - my stash quilt for the retreat and another one I finished two years ago and finally got the backing and sent it to be quilted.  I actually made two stash quilts because I realized I could!  One of them is for someone very special  - I'm not sure if she reads my blog or not so I'll show that when the binding is on.  I have plans for the other one too!

I am also making a t-shirt quilt for a neighbor of mine.  If you haven't already made one of these - they are so easy.  The hardest part is fusing the interfacing on the back of the shirts.  Actually it's not hard, it's just time consuming.  My neighbor would say the hardest part is picking out the t-shirts for it!  So that should be done real soon, and then off to the quilter.

The weather has definitely turned colder this weekend.  Almost time for winter coats.  I finally got the capris and tank tops out of my closet this weekend.  I love the fall and the sights and smells of it.  But I am not so fond of the 'thing' that comes after fall. 


Sue said...

You've been busy and your little quilts are just gorgeous.

I have made a T-shirt quilt before and for me the hardest part was deciding which t-shirts to use too. Some of them were not fit to be part of a quilt and that was easy, but others were just hard to know where to cut enough of the logo for the block. It turned out great in the end.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I love your style of writing. You write just like you talk - hah!

Great quilts, and that Melissa is a lucky dog.

Melanie said...

I cleaned out Eric's chest of drawers. He said pitch whatever. I found a ton of t-shirts that just told the story of his college life. I have them folded on the edge of my sewing machine and the fusible interfacing bought. I'm cleaning up loose sewing ends and It's next on the list. The logos are different sizes - and like Sue-- I have to figure out which to use. But you have got me stirred up about it. Now to get enough time to quilt!!!!