Sunday, June 3, 2012

Inspiration, Admiration and Contemplation

This weekend was a quilt show put on by a local guild.  Today, Melissa (my sister in law) and I went to it.  We were inspired, we admired and we contemplated the beautiful works of art that were displayed.  Here are pictures of some of our favorites.  

This was a beautiful quilt made with 6" blocks using Civil War reproduction fabrics.
And a close up of it:
I believe it was all hand quilted.  Her piecing was perfect.

I found that I was attracted to the blue quilts - this one had two of my favorite blocks, a star and a log cabin.

And a close up:

This one was made of several different aqua prints.  It was such a calm, peaceful quilt. 

And another close up:

Another two color quilt.  This one was so simple and calming also.  I can see this on a white chippy wicker love seat on my front porch!!  Maybe a similar one will be in my future...

This was probably my favorite one.  It was made by a dear friend of mine and is called Carolina Christmas.  The pattern is by Bonnie Hunter.  I love scrap quilts but the best ones are 'controlled scrap quilts'.  This one was wonderful.
I took close ups of a lot of the quilts I liked and of course I took a close up of this one too!

One more made by my friend from another one of Bonnie Hunter's patterns:  Roll Roll Cotton Bowl.  There are a lot of half square triangles in this!

We were in awe of the creativity and the beautiful quilts we saw.  These are just a small portion of the show but every single one of them displayed was beautiful in it's own way.  I admire the handiwork of the ladies who shared their beautiful quilts with us.  

I have just got a new camera and am still learning how to use it...  so I apologize that my pictures do not give these quilts their due.  I hope that you all are able to go to a quilt show at some point, whether it is a small local one or a larger regional or national one.  It is well worth your time!!


Nancy said...

Audrey thanks for the show they are just beatuiful

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Beautiful! Wish I had joined you.

I see a couple quilts that I'm thinking we need to copy!

Melanie said...

I know summer is busy-- so glad you posted...I am really focused on those scrappy pieces. They are beautiful.

Linda Jacobs said...

LOVE quilts! I don't quilt, myself but my sister does. I'm sitting on the couch with one if hers over me right now. I'm going to send her a link to your blog.