Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hug Your Babies

I started this blog with the intention to chronicle my projects, my reading and the blessings in my life.  So with that said, I just want to tell you to hug the ones you love tonight.  The teenage nephew of a good friend was killed tragically in a car crash this past weekend.  It was such an awful, senseless accident - but aren't they all?  I just cannot fathom the grief and sadness that is enveloping this family.  My daughter lost a good friend in college to an automobile accident.  Another dear friend of mine lost her son as a teenager when he fell asleep at the wheel.  All of these were so sad.  So please, drive carefully; watch out for 'the other guy'; be aware.  Hug and kiss your babies and tell them you love them.  And God bless the Bartchak family.

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Nancy said...

you are so right, these events are so tragic and senseless