Monday, June 18, 2012

Bonnie Hunter

Yesterday afternoon, while the rest of the family was golfing, I went to a lecture sponsored by my quilt guild. Bonnie Hunter gave a great talk and showed tons of beautiful quilts.  She had a lot of advice and hints to help manage your scraps and turn them into unbelievably gorgeous quilts. You have to go check out her website.  She has so many free patterns and ideas for quilt making.  This gal has the most incredible amount of energy too!  So here are some of my many favorites:

This one was made with very tiny log cabin blocks - they are either 5" or 6" blocks.

 This one was just the way I like them, lots of pieces and really scrappy. 

 The lattice colors of green and black were really unique and set these blocks so well.

 This one is on my to-do list for sure.

 I love blue and brown together.  

 A close up - bow tie blocks with 4 patches.

 This one was absolutely a show stopper.  

 And a close up of it:

 But THIS one was my favorite.  I love blue and beige together.  One really good hint was that she sorts her fabrics by whether they are a 'color' or a 'neutral'.  You can see her range of 'neutrals' in these pictures.  She said when she is using background fabrics, she goes from very light to 'paper bag brown'.  I tell you, she surely knows how to play with color and value.

 See how gorgeous this is up close.  I would love to do this one also!

 Some of them lined up afterwards:

She gave so many tips as to cutting your scraps into usable widths, how to sort your scraps so they are ready to use, color and value tips, and gave me a new appreciation for my left-overs!  Her philosophy regarding quilt making was very inspirational.   It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and  if you get the chance to hear her speak or are lucky enough to take a class, please don't pass up the opportunity.  Check out her website and her blog too!  I am thankful that our guild brought her to visit.


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

They are all great; thanks for all the pictures. This just makes me want to sew and use up some of those scraps that just keep multiplying!

Melanie said...

Completely envious--- I'd love to hear her speak. Your favorite quilt is the one with a great pattern. She a really talented lady.... thanks for sharing....Did Mary get to go to this?