Thursday, May 24, 2012


A year ago about this time my boss retired.  I truly enjoyed working for him and I am sure the feeling was mutual.  People often said I was the only one who could put up with him but I really understood where he was coming from and we worked well together.  A close coworker and friend became my new boss.  I was a bit worried about that - how do you eat lunch and share confidences with the person you report to?  I am here to tell you it has worked out perfectly.  I respect her and she respects me.  We have worked together very well.  And then a few weeks ago she told me she had accepted a new position within our organization.  I want only the best for her and this is a great opportunity for her.  So... tomorrow is her last day with us.  We had a surprise farewell party for her on Wednesday, lots of tears and laughs.  I made her this farewell gift with some Blueberry Crumb Cake charm squares:

This tote is the easiest ever.  Just a few evenings of sewing and you're done.  I think it will be perfect for her to use going to work.  I will miss her a lot.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Where has the time gone?

Nothing much to say here lately.  It has been a busy time at work and at home so any free time I have, I have been reading.  It is my best past-time for relaxing.  The past couple of weeks have been hectic - a 9 year old's birthday, the 'end of the year' at work and the National's for a very important softball team!  

So... not much in the way of needle crafts.  I hope to get back on the cross stitch wagon and get a couple of sewing projects done in the next week - gifts - and I will post pictures of those.  But for now I am off to the store.  I have to start shopping for supplies for camping next weekend.  It doesn't look my schedule will get any better!  What happened to the 'lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer'??  Mine just seem to be crazy.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring Retreat 2012 Part 2

Have you ever laid out a quilt - especially a scrap quilt, rearranged it, fussed over it, asked friends for their opinions and finally got the layout perfectly?  You then label all the rows, stack them up and keeping them in order, take them to the sewing machine, get it all sewn together and when it is all together you realize that you actually do have two pieces of the same fabric touching or a block is turned the wrong way.  Well, this weekend Donna came up with a term for this - The Fatal Flip.  I don't know anyone who this has not happened to so now you know the technical term for this. :)

Here are more pictures of our weekend:
Nancy Z made this lovely quilt using charm squares and a tumbler tool that was pretty neat.  It cut the pieces  quickly with very little waste.  The fabrics in this were beautiful.

Betsy made this cool quilt top with charm squares and a jelly roll.  The fabrics were really nice - there is nothing like a red, white and blue quilt.  I guess that is why I have several!

Lynne worked on some Christmas presents also, this green and white Shamrock table runner was so crisp!  You can't go wrong with two color quilts.

 Tippy received a block every month from her secret pal at her quilt guild that was appliqued.  Since there were 12 blocks and they were on the diagonal, it was kind of a puzzle to lay it out.  I think she did an excellent job with it and her lattice and border fabrics were perfect!

Donna kept busy working on her flag quilt similar to the one I did a few months ago.  She kept at it but had to leave for a while on Saturday to go to a Kentucky Derby Party!  She is the life of our group - she keeps us on task when we have a 'meeting'; she focuses us when we are doing a group project.  I don't think we would be the group we are without her influence!  I didn't get any pictures of her work in progress but it is going to be a CUTE flag!

We also got some really nice gifts - every morning the little gift fairy left us a treat. Here are some of the things we found at our sewing table:
There was a jar with needles, thread, some lavender seeds and a stiletto, some thread heaven, a charm pack, some fork pins, binder clips, a thread catcher and some hand knit dish cloths (made by Betsy).  A couple of girls from a local quilt shop stopped in to see what we were up to and brought enough fat quarters for all of us!  That was a great surprise!  Mary did an awesome job of finding treats for us.

Lastly, I worked on a couple of Schnibbles.  This one is called Hot Cross and it's made with "Butterscotch and Roses".  I also worked on Plan C using "Ruby" but it is laid out in rows and I wanted to come home and use my design wall to do that.  I will post pictures when it is done.  I also worked on my 'stash buster' quilt. Our group has challenge each other to make a quilt using stuff you already have in your stash.   No buying of anything.  I will be showing that off in the fall when we have our reveal.

I have to thank some very wonderful friends for making the weekend so fun and relaxing.  It was a well needed time of inspiration and friendship time.  

Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Retreat 2012

We had such a great time at our retreat.  There was lots of inspiration and laughs!  I think everyone got a lot done but it was such a relaxing time away from all our Monday - Friday obligations.  I took Friday off work as did most of the girls to get a jump start on the party.  Some of the girls even got there Thursday night for some extra sewing time.
Mary got a couple of Schnibbles done.
Sarah made a great T-shirt quilt even using fabric from the recipient's clothing when she was little!
Nancy P worked on one of her wonderful wool projects.
Darcy showed a quilt she made from our favorite pattern, Lucky Stars.  This will be a graduation gift for her niece.  The picture doesn't show how gorgeous this really was. I loved it!
Patti made 4 (yes! FOUR!) I Spy quilts.  This is one of them. Now, I want you to know Patti has only been quilting for a very short time.  She does an awesome job.
Terri showed several things she had finished - one I especially loved was this scrap quilt.  I LOVE scrap quilts.  
Here is another one that Terri made - entirely from her stash.  She is awesome.
Along with the T-shirt quilt, Sarah got the bindings on several quilts - She was a binding manic!  This is a beautiful quilt she made for a local nursing home.  Our group is making wheelchair quilts for the residents.  This one was so simple but at the same time very beautiful.

Tomorrow I will show some more pictures and share some stories.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Imagine my surprise, when a couple of weeks ago I received an email from Palmer, who works for Martingale & Company, the publishers of Schnibbles Times Two and Another Bite of Schnibbles both by Carrie Nelson.  They wanted to feature one of MY Schnibbles on their blog!  Well, when I came down off the ceiling, I wondered how on earth did they find me???  I guess it doesn't matter, and I was honored to be shown on their blog on May 4th.  They featured "Bennington" that I made with Moda's Blueberry Crumb Cake fabric.

They publish all kinds of wonderful books for knitting, crocheting, sewing and quilting and I am sure lots of other needlecrafts.  I have always loved books by this company, the pictures and directions are clear and I have never been disappointed in them.  So, if you haven't already jumped on the Schnibbles bandwagon, hop aboard!  There is always room for more, and you will have a great time!!

This weekend was also my quilt group's Spring retreat.  I took lots of pictures and came home greatly inspired. We had so much fun admiring each other's work, sharing ideas and tips, giving advice, and making headway with our own projects.  The kitchen committee went over and above making and baking all kinds of great food to share.  We left this afternoon with lots of ideas for the next retreat in the Fall.  I'm already planning what I may be working on then!   I will be posting some pictures of our projects this next week so be sure to check in later this week!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

I went to lunch with some friends yesterday and this was my desert!  Thank you to very special friends, Wendy, Jackie and Stephanie!