Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rainy Saturday

This isn't my window, but it sure looks like it could be.  It is a rainy Saturday here, not a good day for a softball game or moving day, both things people in my family were planning.  So today I will clean, sew, read and cross stitch.  All the things I love to do (except the clean - I am not crazy about that but I do like the results!).

It is said that April showers bring May flowers.  We have had some unseasonable weather this Spring and it has really teased us with warm weather.  I am READY for warm.  My friends who spend the winter in Florida are starting to return and I hope they bring some warm weather with them.  We are planning our first camping trip of the summer in a few weeks and I want to have nice weather for that.

I will also be planning my projects for our quilt group's Spring retreat coming up very shortly!  I like to cut my projects ahead of time and so I can concentrate on sewing.  It will be a fun weekend.  Mary is planning some great treats for us - we are like little kids who can't wait to see what surprises will be on our sewing table every morning.  We will have a Chinese Auction to help us pass along our unwanted and unused sewing and quilting things, a book table with quilting books, novels and non-fiction books we can part with and lots of food and laughter.  We had our monthly gathering the other night and we all realized that this weekend is coming much faster than most of us realized.

April also brings my birthday.  I don't mind turning another year older - especially this year!  This year has made me realize how precious life is and I treasure every minute with my family and friends. So bring on the cake and the many candles!!  LOL


Sue said...

Happy birthday to you! I hope you enjoy your day in the stitching room.

I don't like to clean seems like it's a losing battle. But like you, the results are great..even though temporary :D

Melanie said...

I love this post... So many times I find myself wanting to be someone with the freedom to quilt 8 hours a day. But alas--I have to finance my habits---I want to have complete focus on one project-- (not that book, or the three projects I have stacked On my sewing table wishing about)You make me realize there is someone else out there like me.Have you ever noticed no one in blogland ever talks about vacuuming??? I feel like a vacuum is my third arm or something!!! Nice to know I'm not the only quilter fighting the war against dog hair!!!!I always say rainy days are days in the U.P. that God gives us to make us slow down. You'll have tons of fun on your retreat---- Remember to take that camera!!!!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I love what Melanie said about no one in blogland talks about vacuuming?!!

Good post! We'll celebrate your birthday at the retreat if not on stitch day.