Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting Some Things Done

I have been working on finishing up some things that have been kicking around for a while.  I did a little rearranging in my sewing room (still working on the best furniture arrangement) and I found these three minis that I sewed together from some left over half square triangles.  You know, when you sew a square on diagonally and cut off the corners?  This is what you get:

They finished at 10" x 13" and each little square is 1" finished.  That is a lot of half square triangles!!  I free motioned stippled them, mostly to get in practice for this:

Another Schnibble!  This one is called X-Rated.  It was a lot of fun to put together.  I used leftovers from a bundle called Dilly Dally from Moda.  It is so bright and cheerful!   I am working my way through Schnibbles Times Two by Carrie Nelson and want to make all the projects in her book this year. 

I also have been cutting projects for the semi-annual retreat that my quilt group goes on in a couple of weeks.  I usually take enough for a month or two of sewing... but you never know what you will want to work on!  I try to take some 'mindless' sewing because we fill the room with talk and laughter and you don't want to miss what the next table is saying or the joke on the other side of the room!  It is a great group of girls and we will have a lot of fun.  We go on Friday and come home on Sunday after lunch.  

On the cross-stitching front, I hope to have some finishes to show real soon.  I have been trying to cross stitch at least 3 or 4 times a week, which is 3 - 4 times more than I was doing.  I have a few things started there that I would like to get busy with.  

Our family had a nice Easter weekend.  I took Hannah to the movies on Good Friday - I told her the day was hers to plan and so she wanted to see The Lorax and we also went to lunch at Bob Evans.  She ordered her meal all by herself and she did a great job.  She is getting so grown up; hard to believe she will be 9 in May.  Sunday we went to church.  Our church covers a large wooden cross with some kind of wire and during communion we fill it with flowers and greenery.  It is beautiful when it is finished.  Next year I will get a picture!  Then off to Easter dinner at my brother's house.  All of his family, our family and my Mom were there along with a few girlfriends and boyfriends.  We stuffed ourselves with turkey and ham and congratulated ourselves on another great meal!  

One more finish - I finished The Hunger Games trilogy.  I did like most of it...  I got impatient with Katniss a bit but all in all it was a great read.   I also saw the movie a couple of weeks ago.  It was very good and the few variations from the book did not bother me.  I hear the next movie comes out in 2013 so I will probably re-read Catching Fire next year just to refresh my memory.

So between, sewing, stitching, reading, working and STILL doing PT for my knee, the days go by so fast.  I can hardly believe it is almost mid-April.  Soon summer will be here...  :)


Melanie said...

See I thought the book was tons better than the movie. Too much detail to cram into just 2 hoursa...needed to be a mini series...I'e started the 2nd book now....Happy Quilting...

Sue said...

You've been busy and sounds like you had a great Easter.
Did you get the email on the books for organizing the sewing room? It's so nice to have a neat and tidy sewing space.

I really should read the Hunger Games. My daughter has read the books a few times and seen the movie twice and is going to see it again this week! Must be some good stuff.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Good grief you are busy! And I spent the night holding down the couch - what a slug!