Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome to my blog

Well, Mary has finally convinced me that I need to start my own blog.  So here I go, ready or not! (We tend to get each other into trouble in more than one way.)

A few years ago, I broke my ankle and was off work for 15 weeks.  I did a lot of reading and cross-stitching and then I discovered the wonderful world of blogs.  I think that Alicia's blog was one of the first blogs I read.  I fell in love with her and Andy's story.  I cried when their beloved corgi, Audrey died.  I still read her blog every day.  Then it was on to quilting blogs, cross-stitch blogs, reading blogs and finally cooking blogs (Our Best Bites is one of my favorites).

Anyway, about me, I live in a tiny town in western New York.  I mean tiny - one red light, two restaurants, two convenience stores and half a dozen churches.  Therefore my blog title refers to the directions I give to people as to how to find my house: Four houses down from the K-12 school.  The school is in the center of town and you can't miss it.  This is a wonderful place to raise a family but the economy has affected our town in a big way.  There are no employment opportunities so people are moving away.  It won't be too many years before our town is a ghost town.

So you will be seeing a little quilting, a little cross stitching, and a little reading news on this blog.  You may hear stories of my one and only granddaughter, Hannah.  At times it may be boring but I will try to entertain you.  So stay tuned as I tweak this new project of mine!


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Welcome aboard!

Sue said...

Welcome Audrey! I'm so glad you've joined the world of blogging and I look forward to seeing all of your lovely work.

I had no idea that any town in New York just had one light! lol That is a very good tidbit!!

Mary speaks very highly of you:)


Wendy Bretz said...

Hi Mom :)