Monday, February 6, 2012

Stitch Day

Once a month, Mary, my sister-in-law, Melissa and I try to have a stitch day.  We either cross-stitch, embroider, or some kind of hand work.  It is usually more of a catch up on our news day or a what should I do about this problem day than anything!  But it is good therapy for all of us and we often get a little bit of hand work done too - LOL.  Yesterday afternoon I worked on the sampler from the cover of Joyeux Noel:
Click here to view larger image
I am using the linen and the floss recommended and the colors are lovely.  I didn't get too far - I had a counting malfunction but it is another project that I will show you when it is done.

Melissa is my brother's wife.  I have four brothers and I love all of their wives.  They couldn't have picked out better ones!  They are all different and I love them all for different reasons.  Two of them live nearby and two live a distance away so I don't see them as often.  I am very lucky to have wonderful in-laws!


Melanie said...

Mary has often wrote of your stitch days....I'm jealous...It's great that you love your in-laws. Makes like easier on the home team.... Can't wait to see the finish.... Have a good week.

Sue said...

I think it is so nice that you can get together and stitch with your loved ones. I don't have that luxury here as no one I know in my area quilts or stitches.
It will be nice to see your stitchery when you have it finished up.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

It was a good day; your husband added so much as well! Good to see your mom join us, too.