Saturday, February 4, 2012

I love weekends!

I guess everyone is gearing up for the big game on Sunday.  Who are you rooting for, the Giants or the Patriots.  It is worth noting that I even know who is playing!!  I am not a huge football fan like the rest of my family.  I don't dislike it, I am sort of a take it or leave it kind of fan.  But it is fun to watch the singing of the National Anthem, the half time show and the commercials.  And don't forget about the food.

My husband and I, along with our son will be going to my daughter's house.  I am going to roast a turkey for sandwiches.  It is easy and will feed them all.  I will also be taking a plate of cookies.  My daughter will be making a family favorite - Bean Dip.  Here is the recipe:
Bean Dip
8 oz. package cream cheese
8 oz. sour cream
10 1/2 oz. can of Bean Dip
1 grated onion
1 envelope of taco seasoning
8 oz. hot pepper cheese (grated)
8 oz. cheddar cheese (grated)
Soften cream cheese; add sour cream, bean dip, taco mix and grated onion.
Layer mixture alternating with grated cheeses ending with grated cheese on top.  I use a casserole dish with 2" sides and usually have three layers.  Heat in 350 degree oven for 20 minutes. If you want it hotter add Tabasco Sauce.  Serve with tortilla chips or Doritos.

I will probably take my current read: The Girl Who Played with Fire.  Have any of you read this or The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?  I loved the Tattoo and so far I am loving Fire.

It will just be fun to be with my family.

Go Giants or is it Go Patriots?  May the best team win!


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I'm in it for the food and the commercials; who cares about the game?!

This is a different bean dip than I thought you would publish, but it sounds just as good as the other one.

Sue said...

LOL I'm with Mary more or less. Who cares about the game? I love the food, family, and commercials! LOL

Your bean dip sounds good. I have a good one too that you've reminded me to make :)

Have a fun Sunday.

Lorri said...

I really never watch the game, not much into football. However my daughter and her husband are hosting a game party at their cafe tonight.So there will be lots of food and friends and family. have a great weekend